Meet the Members - Robert Goh Ee Kiat

Robert Goh Ee KiatDr Robert Goh is high-altitude mountaineer and public speaker. He is also an aerospace scientist, polar explorer, and mountaineering mentor.

Robert has climbed mountains in UK, Europe and New Zealand, but it is in climbing the Himalayan peaks above 8000m with little or no support that he most relishes the challenge. In 2004, he summitted Cho Oyu (8201m) without oxygen. And in 2002, he and climbing mate Edwin Siew reached the central summit of Mount Xixabangma (8012m) without Sherpa support, pre-built camps, fixed ropes or oxygen. They were the first cimbers from South East Asia to do so on an 8000m peak.

Robert Goh Ee Kiat
Robert on Xixabangma

In 2005, he climbed Everest without oxygen, turning back above Camp 4 due to gale-force winds. In the Spring of 2007, another attempt was thwarted when two broken ribs forced him to turn around at the Balcony.Then in the autumn of 2007, to train for K2, he and Edwin Siew summitted Kwande Lho, a rarely-climbed peak in Nepal.

Robert, who holds a doctorate in aerodynamics, was an aerospace scientist for 12 years, during which he worked on cutting-edge technologies in the aerospace industry, including fighter aircraft and un-manned systems.

In 2000, Robert was co-leader of the Singapore team that skied to the South Pole. He also reached the South Summit (8751m) of Mount Everest as a member of the Singapore expedition in 1998. His passions include all aspects of climbing and exploration. In his University days, he was the Vice President of the Imperial College Mountaineering Club in London from 1992-1993 and ran the London Marathon.


Robert has spoken to diverse audiences on his adventures, inspiring them with his experiences and relating them to corporate and managerial situations.

Unlike many Everest speakers who usually talk just about their mountaineering expeditions, Robert was a research scientist for over a decade in the corporate world, as team leader and manager. He can thus relate to both sides of the managerial divide. He has also worked extensively with overseas organizations in Russia, Europe the US and Middle East, which has given him a global outlook and an appreciation and understanding of the international environment.

His achievements include: