Meet the Members - Mok Ying Jang

Dr Mok Ying JangDr Mok Ying Jang is the Secretary of the Expedition. Born on 14 November 1967, he is a medical doctor (MBBS at National University of Singapore) in private practice. He undertakes the responsibility of ensuring that the team members are in good health.

His latest achievements include a successful summit of Vinson Massif, the highest peak in Antarctica, as Vinson Team Leader of the Antarctica 2000 Expedition. He was also a member of the Singapore Mount Everest in 1998.

Mok's climbing experience has taken him to Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and USA. Peaks he has climbed include the Himalayas, Mount Rainier in the Cascades and Mount Stok Kangri in Kashmir. He has completed a Rock Climbing Instructor Course in Singapore, a Technical Mountaineering Course in New Zealand and an Advanced Trauma Life Support Course with the Singapore Armed Forces.

In addition to rock climbing and mountaineering, Mok loves parapanting and airborne static jumps. In his spare time, Mok can be found participating in tri and biathlons, cross-country running, scuba diving and competitive swimming.

Mok is also a classical pianist. He has played as a solo pianist with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and in 1988 won the Cerebos Young Artist Award.

Mok's achievements include: