Six children doing well in school

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August 2008

The Fund is almost two years old and the children are doing very well indeed.

Here's some updated information about the six children and how they are doing in school.

Mingma Dorjee Sherpa and Dawa Doma Sherpa — son and daughter of Kami Ang Chirring Sherpa of Pangboche

Minga Dorjee (left), 14, is in his second year as a boarder at the Pennwood Academy in Class 8. After less than two years in Pennwood, his command of English has progressed from negligible to reading novels, including Harry Potter. He regularly tops his class in Maths, and is among the top three or four in Nepali Language and Nepali History. In 2007, he emerged 2nd overall in his class and won several sports trophies. His father Kami has been the sirda (chief sherpa) for almost every expedition by the Singapore Mountaineers since 2002. He was with Robert and Edwin during the recent K2 expedtion. Kami's eldest son, Pinzo, is also learning to be a climbing Sherpa after seven years as a lama in a temple. In 2007, Pinzo achieved his first Everest summit.

Dawa Doma, 13, is in Class 6 and doing very well. She will have her fina exams for this year in a few months' time.

Their fees are paid in February.


Pemba Gaylzen Sherpa and Lhakpa Doma Sherpa — son and daughter of Pemba Dorjee Sherpa of Pangboche

Pemba Gaylzen (left), 19, is in the final year of a two-year diploma course in Reliance International Academy where he is studying Hotel Mangement, Economics, Accountancy, English and Nepali. His father Pemba Dorjee climbed Everest with Yau Choon, one of the core members of this Fund. Pemba-G (as we call him to distinguish him from his father) has turned out to be a worthy cause. He aced most of his subjects and nabbed quite a few sports trophies in his first year. He is working hard to improve his English and has pledged to find a job after his course to help his family. Besides him and Lhakpa, there are four other siblings ranging in age from 22 to 13.

Lhaka Doma, 12, is now in Class 4 as a boarder in Loyalty Academy where she is captain of the class, a sort of prefect. She did etremely well in Class 3, emerging 2nd in her class with and average of 71.04% which puts her in Division 1 in Nepal's school grading system. Her strongest sbjects are Maths and English.

Both pf their annual fees are paid in August.

Nisa Sherpa and Sonam Sherpa — daughters of Jamling Bhutia Sherpa

jamling daughters

Nisa and Sonam in their school uniform.

Nisa,11, and Sonam, 10, are both in Class 3 in Skylark School which is conveniently near where they stay with their father in Kathmandu. Jamling has been Edwin's Sherpa for many years and has become a close, trusted friend.

A school report described Sonam as having "real perseverance and initiative and the intellectual creativity necessary to achieve given goals". She is "polite, industrious and obedient".

Nisa is described as "a young girl of integrity (with) an impeccable character. She is very diligent... with regular participation in various extra curricular activities". She is "obedient, punctual and sincere".

Their school year is April-March, and fees are paid in March.


The core group behind the Fund are Robert, Edwin and Lulin, as well as a close friend Ang Yau Choon who was Robert's climbing mate in 2007 and summitted Everest with oxygen.

Together, we manage the fund in a bank account jointly held by Robert and Lulin, and we keep contributors informed of the children's progress. Contributors are all friends of the group who either make occasional contrbutions or pledge to donate $200 or more a year. Any shortfall in the annual collection is underwritten by the core group.

The fund is not a charity, but rather, a group of friends who want to help to give a chance of a better life to some deserving families.

The annual school fees and other costs for these six children total about S$20,000. Our aim is to see them through their secondary school up to their O levels. (Pemba Gaylzen is an exception as he was already in post secondary studies when we took over his expenses after his previous sponsor died.)The understanding with their parents is that their children will be supported so long as they do well in their exams.

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About the Khumbu Eucation Fund

MingmaMingma Dorjee Sherpa is the first recipient of the fund.

OUR SUCCESSES on the Himalayas would not have been possible without the help of a remarkable people — the Sherpas, who ferry incredibly heavy loads to set up high camps and help climbers in their ascent.

Most Sherpas live in remote villages where the educaton standard in schools is less than adequate. Schools in Kathmandu are of a much higher standard but fees are over US$2,000 a year, which is beyond the means of most Sherpas.

A good education offers hope of a better life for the Sherpa. This was our objective when we started an education fund in 2005 to help our Sherpa friends' children. It was also a way of giving back to our friends who helped us in our expeditions.

Meet the six children now under the fund.

Contributors to the fund include members of Singapore Mountaineers and the NUS Centennial Everest Team, as well as other well-wishers.

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